Check your address to find out when services will be available on the upgraded OptiComm Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) Networks in South Brisbane Exchange and the Velocity Estates

On 24 December 2020, Uniti bought the FTTP networks in South Brisbane and the Velocity Estates (the FTTP Networks) from Telstra. As part of the transaction, Uniti is upgrading the technology in these networks.

Once the upgrade work is complete in an area, the premises connected to the FTTP Networks in that area will be able to access an enhanced broadband product and service, including higher speeds. This benefits any customers currently connected to the FTTP Networks, as well as any new customers in these areas.

The ability for customers to access services on the upgraded FTTP Networks will happen in phases, currently expected to commence from July 2022. To find out when services are expected to be able to be activated on the upgraded FTTP Networks in your area, simply type your address into the Address Search tool below.

Note: service activation timelines are indicative and subject to change without notice. Neither Uniti or OptiComm warrants or represents any information available via the Address Search tool is complete, accurate or free from errors or omission.

The purple areas in the map represent the FTTP Networks that Uniti has bought from Telstra. The grey areas in the map represent other Uniti Group Networks. You can also use the map to zoom in on your local area to see these other networks and the services that are already available.

If your address does not show a transition date, don’t worry, we are still building the roll out schedule and new dates will be published each month in unison with Telstra.

Existing customers on the FTTP Networks will be contacted by their retail service provider in the lead up to the Transition Commencement Date for their area. Your retail service provider will let you know what arrangements need to be made to transition your existing service to the upgraded FTTP Networks

Nothing changes for existing services on the current FTTP Networks until the time comes to physically transfer services over to the upgraded FTTP Networks (the Transition Commencement Date).

For further detail, please check out our Transition Roadmap and Schedule document here.

The Transition Roadmap and Transition Schedule will be updated each month, providing more information and detail as we get closer to commencing transitions. Please check back regularly for the latest information relating to the transition of your service onto the upgraded FTTP Networks.