Velocity and South Brisbane exchange


On 24 December 2020, Uniti Group purchased the Telstra Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks in South Brisbane and Velocity Estates. As part of the transaction, Opticomm, Uniti’s wholesale subsidiary, is upgrading the technology in these networks.

Get ready for an access network that’s for tomorrow, today.

We’re upgrading the network so that Velocity residents can experience fast broadband built to support the internet needs of today and tomorrow.

Why fibre?

If you need to connect multiple devices, smart things, stream, video conference, work, learn or game from home, then you require stable, high capacity, low-latency broadband. You need a fibre connection.

No matter what you love doing online, your broadband internet service powered by the Opticomm FTTP access network can help you achieve more.

Transition roadmap

Learn more about the transition and expected dates for your address. Type your address into the address search tool below.

To avoid disconnection, please make sure that you place an order with your preferred service provider during your ready for service period.

Note: Service activation timelines are indicative and subject to change without notice. Uniti / OptiComm does not warrant or represent any information available via the Address Search tool, or that the tool is complete, accurate or free from errors or omission. See further notes below *.

What’s next?

The transition will occur in phases, on an area-by-area basis, based on geographic location. Ahead of your area transitioning onto the Opticomm access network and disconnecting from the Telstra network, your current service provider will let you know what arrangements need to be made.

It is important to note that you need to place an order with your preferred retail service provider ahead of your transition commencement date. This period is called the 'ready for service period'.

Stages of the transition:

Ready for service period

Ready for Service (RFS) – The date from which Opticomm’s systems are expected to commence accepting and processing orders from service providers. This is the first date from which you can place an order with your preferred service provider. Your service provider will let you know what arrangements need to be made to transition your existing service from Telstra to the Opticomm access network (within the Transition period for your area). If required, your service provider will book an appointment for an OptiComm technician to visit your home and upgrade the equipment on site so that you can connect to the upgraded Opticomm access network. If you don’t currently have a broadband or voice service, or wish to change providers, please contact your preferred service provider on the OptiComm access network.

It is important to place your order with your preferred provider within the ready for service period (which commences on the ready for service date and ends on the order-lodgement cut-off date) ahead of the actual transition, to avoid disruption and potential disconnection of your service or additional charges.

Order Lodgement Cut-Off Date (OLCD) – The latest date by which Opticomm can accept orders for services from your preferred provider within your transitioning area. To avoid disruption to your service, please place your order ahead of this date.

Transition Commencement Date – The expected date services within an area being transitioned will be activated on the upgraded Opticomm FTTP access network.

Nothing will change with your existing services until the time comes to physically transfer your services over to the upgraded Opticomm FTTP access network (which will occur on the Transition Commencement Date).

Transition End Date – The date when all remaining services in your area will be disconnected from the Telstra network, and service transition of your area will be deemed complete. This signifies the end of the transition window for your area.

Where a service is disconnected, orders for new services on the upgraded OptiComm FTTP access network can be made with your chosen service provider immediately. Your service provider will make an appointment with an Opticomm service technician to upgrade the equipment at your premises. It is likely that in this instance there will be a gap in your service continuity.

If you have placed an order with your preferred provider during the 'ready for service period’ (see above), you will not be impacted by your prior service on the Telstra network being disconnected on the Transition End Date.

For further detail, please check out our Transition Roadmap and Schedule document here. Please note that information regarding the transitioning areas (referred to as “FDH Areas” in that document) and dates will change over time. The dates provided in that document are indicative only and should not be relied on as final timelines.

The Transition Roadmap and Transition Schedule will be updated each month, providing more information and detail as we get closer to commencing transitions. Please check back regularly for the latest information relating to the transition of your service onto the upgraded OptiComm FTTP access network.

* The purple areas on the map represent the FTTP access Networks that Uniti / Opticomm has bought from Telstra. The grey areas on the map represent other Opticomm access Networks. You can also use the map to zoom in on your local area to see other networks and the services that are already available.

If your address does not show a transition date, do not worry, we are still building the roll out schedule. New dates will be published each month in unison with Telstra.

Existing customers on the FTTP access Networks will be contacted by their retail service provider in the lead up to the Transition Commencement Date for their area. Your retail service provider will let you know what arrangements need to be made to transition your existing service to the upgraded access networks.